Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello. A reflection from a previous post... Does anyone know of a dog named Fido? I've never met a Fido, yet it is the name most people associate with a dog. If no one names their dog Fido, how did it become the norm? If I ever get another dog-pet, I'm going to name it Fido.

Some people can clear a room just by opening their mouth...loudly opening their mouth. I was with some of my buddies last night having a good time and all of sudden, one guy starts shouting nonsense. He was saying things he doesn't even believe. I'll never understand why people make a spectacle of themselves. It sure killed a good buzz.

Our media is like that. These morons will carry on about something that they know is not true, yet they present it with conviction. I guess if filling the hours with "news" is your job, you have to create controversy. This is one of the reasons I think 24-hour news is a bad thing. However it can be addictive. When all there is on TV is reality shows, I prefer reality...or as close to reality as the media gets. CNN is also something you can be watching without paying any attention. It does give you something to talk about.

I just heard a U2 song on the radio. They were the number one selling band for 2009 according to Pollstar. Surprising? I've never been a big fan. I don't really dislike what they do, it's just not my thing. Their cross generation appeal must be the reason for all of the tickets. The top band for the decade was the Dave Matthews band. I might be missing something. I don't own any U2 or Dave Matthews music. I have a hard time fitting them into my obscure play list.


Blogger richard said...

I had a dog named Difo
Had him since he pas a wup
Made him sit on his lind hegs
and put his lont fregs up

Thu Feb 04, 10:31:00 AM


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