Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello. A guy walked into the bar last night and said, "This place is really hard to find." I laughed and replied, "It's actually easy, once you know what you're looking for." The comment is clouded with smoke, but as I thought about it, life is kind of that way. Once we know what we're looking for, it's easy to find. The tough part is figuring out what we're looking for. Or maybe it's understanding what it is we're looking for. Even though we think we know what we want, many people are chasing a life portrayed by society. The people around us paint a picture of what we think we need. We're back to the saying..."Perception is 100% of reality."

I wish a person could erase memories from their mind. You would think that as the head fills with new memories they would push the old ones out. Obviously that is not the case. As I get older, distant memories are becoming more clear. I have been recalling events from my childhood that haven't popped into my head in decades. It's kind of weird. The old bean must have an unlimited storage capacity. Damn this perfect system called a human.

A friend of mine suggests that we have no control over the ultimate outcome of our lives. This may be true, but I hate to think that nothing we do matters. I think how we live our lives determines the paths we follow. However, some think that how we live is even pre-determined. Some of us are "programmed" for good and some for evil? And of course the people who are neither just float along in the middle. I want to rise...not float, and definitely not sink.


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