Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello. Friday, warm weather...did I mention Friday. It's a good day. Spring is a time for change. The grass changes, the trees change, the birds change...a great time for us to change as well. The idea of change is exciting! Change by nature is good for the soul. Our participation in life becomes more interesting...more meaningful. The more things stay the same, the more uncomfortable I am. I feel good about the changes ahead, and I don't even know exactly what those changes are. I have a calm, feeling of anticipation lately. Things will be good.

A friend of mine and his wife are planning the most life change that I have ever heard of. They are moving to the wilds of Alaska. Fifty miles north of Fairbanks. No running water, sewer, roads, natural gas, phones...people. This is far more than I would ever commit to. We have come too far for me to step that far back in time. They are happy...which is cool!

Have you been reading some of the negative statements lately by the anti-health care reform people? These lunatics are scary. They are making some of the most unbelievable statements. I can't disprove the comments, but common sense tells me they must be wrong.



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