Monday, October 09, 2006

I continue to hope that the souls of this small western Iowa community known as Sioux, Sioux City, are looking for a club to call their own. A place that they can gather on a regular basis to share in their love of music, friendship, spirits and peace. There is a small group of people who have embraced the focus of the Chesterfield, a very small group, and we have a great time there. However, in order to continue to do the things we set out to accomplish, we need much more support than we get. Where are the people who say they want something diferent to do on the weekends? Where are the people who claim to be LIVE music lovers? Where are the people who say they are tired of spending their precious nights out in "meat markets"? I believe people in Sioux City think that it sounds "cool" to say "I dig the blues" or "I wish there was a great club in town, like other cities have." The people of this farm town only say things they hear in a movie they like. The personal decor that dominates the streets of Sioux City is determined by Desparate Housewives or worse. The real "cool" in this town is limited to a rare group of wonderful individuals.

I have done everything that I am able to do to change this community's pitiful approach to living life. I have promoted state of the art graphic technology, great live music and the few local events that have something unique to them. I'm tired. I'm tired of watching everything that has a "cool factor" die. In some cases it has been my personal loss, in others it has been another visionary who has paid the price. It sickens me to think that we may be forced into becoming "Sioux City normal" in order to survive. Once again, thank God for my close friends and family. They are "cool".


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