Monday, February 12, 2007

One flame at a time we are putting out the fires. Organized, normal living is not our forte. Actually, I hope it never becomes our way of life. But a little "normal" would be good. The last 3 years have been like riding a sled down an icy hill. You just think you have it under control, and the sled slides wildly off course, tossing things everywhere.

For what it's woth, I have learned some lessons... rather expensive lessons, but lessons none the less. I have learned that you can't run a business by gut instinct, trusting people around you and crazy things like that. I have also learned that you can't change people by exposing them to something great. Another thing that I know after almost 15 years of trying, is that an idea that works in one part of the country, doesn't mean it will work everywhere. The moral of the story is, give them what they need, not what they say they want.

Every day is another opportunity. I have trouble letting an opportunity go by. This mentality gets me into trouble sometimes. Since people have found out that I'm backing out of the Chesterfield, I have had several opportunities thrown at me. I need to resist, or at least move forward very cautiously. I'll try to make use of my high-paid lessons... but I'm sure I'll learn more along the way. I always have liked a wild sled ride!