Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello. I shared a late night with a good friend last night, watering down some Evan Williams, burning through a few C Notes and talking about days gone by. My late teens and early twenties seem surreal at this point in my life. When I tell someone the stories of that time in my life, the words sound exaggerated...even to me...and I know they're true. Life in the under belly of Omaha was an eye-popping experience for a kid from a small town.

I would love to meet some of the characters I ran with in the mid-seventies. There was a group of brothers and sisters that I spent hours with sharing life that I haven't seen for 30 years. It would be so cool to find out how their life turned out. For 2 or 3 years, I knew these people really well. We experienced some incredible things together. I packed my shit, moved to the Black Hills and never saw most of them again.

That is one of the strange things about life. People come in and out of your life. In some cases you share your deepest thoughts and feelings, only to be scattered. There are people out there who are your closest friends and yet a total stranger. Treasures that create your soul.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello. It seems like I've been away forever. Our little music gatherings are so cool!! The idea of a group of music-loving friends joining forces to put on world-class live music shows is more fun than I thought possible. One of the tune-junkies said, "It's like a living room party." I agree. The vibe is great. Everyone there has one thing in common...the love of music. I think I wore out a pair of my happy feet. Thank you all for the night.

Saturday I worked a wedding reception. This is the first time I have been on the other side of the bar for one of these free-for-alls. This particular union featured some unusual contestants. I think I met 3 guys who were the brides' "father", the girl friend of the brides' father, the grooms' mother and her "friend"...and that was only those that introduced themselves. By 10:00 pm, the place was incredibly drunk, the DJ was done and everyone headed for their respective trailer parks. When do you suppose it became customary to get slobbering drunk at weddings? I think it may have its' roots in the Bible somewhere. None the less, wedding receptions have a way of showcasing the amateurs.

I know it sounds twisted, but drunk people are part of what I like about bartending. First of all, if it weren't for drunks there would be no need for bars. Beyond that, I enjoy listening to a story stumbling off of a swollen toungue. People tell you the craziest shit! I've heard laughter and seen hidden tears. We expose ourselves after a few too many wobbly-pops. I try to give these folks the attention they are seeking...and deserve.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello. I'm recovering from 3 days of hard drinking. It takes me at least 2 days of recovery for every 1 day of do the math. It was most enjoyable. Liquor would not be my death of choice...(to steal a phrase from the Patio). I'd rather die in a fiery car crash than drink myself to death. At least the car crash would only last a few hours, maybe a day tops. I've known people who drank themselves to death and it took years, even decades. Let's have a poll..."What is your death of choice?" Make mine peaceful sleep, thanks.

I'm jonesing for some good live music!!! I'm waiting for Friday like a dog waiting for a scrap to slip from the table. We'll get a heavy dose of world-class reggae with Les Exodus. That is one thing I miss about being involved with a club that serves up a good helping of live music. But as I've mentioned in previous entries, this town doesn't have an appetite for original music. The problem is, some people shut their mind like a little kid who won't try his green beans. You just might like them.

I know a young man who is a prime case for this theory. He had no idea who Watermelon Slim was...(you know the award-winning blues man from Tulsa).He was out celebrating his date's 21st birthday, stumbling in and out of bars. They stumbled into the middle of a Watermelon Slim jam. He has been a big fan ever since. I rattled off a list of other blues performers of equal or better talent and he knew nothing of them. After our conversation I think he'll be checking out some new tunes. I love it when someone gets turned on.

Thankfully, our little band of music junkies is working on a cure for this addiction. By the first of the year I think we'll be having 2 shows a month. A good friend of mine reminds me that together we can do anything. I believe he's correct. I feel blessed to be part of something so cool.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello. I sat in the bar last night listening to two guys with obvious differences about politics. The Republican was proud of his party's under-handed methods used to win local and state elections. I'm not sure if he was really in the know or just drunk enough to be living in GOPFantasyLand. Either way, he was making the Democrat a little crazy. Thankfully, the Dem was cool-headed enough to blow the guy off. Uptight Republicans, laid back stereotypical.

If people believe something, their hearing becomes very selective. They become blinded by their party of choice. I try to be more open-minded than that. I read alot, listen to varying news channels and hope to make educated decisions. It's tricky though, because it's hard to trust anything you see or hear in the biased media. Wouldn't it be great if the media wasn't allowed to cover political campaigns. Imagine if all of our knowledge of these scarecrows came to us in person.

Naw, that would mean the candidates would have to be honest and have some substance.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hello. I have been discussing acceptance lately with friends and family. Accepting things as they are seems like a "weak" way to deal with life. But actually it makes sense. You don't have to agree with something to accept it. You don't have to like something to accept it. But, if you don't accept things that happen, you live a life of denial and confusion. Accepting your current status in life doesn't mean you can't keep trying to improve, but accepting where you live or work makes life more enjoyable. Think about it. Accepting the fact that people are different is a great way to look at life. We can't change people anyway, so why not accept them as they are.

One of the people whom I respect for their view of life told me once that very few things in life really matter. I believe this to be true. It helps me deal with many situations in life. After all, how many events in our lives really make a difference? For most of us, nothing we say or do will have any impact on the world around us. We may have some influence on our little world, but very few of us will leave a mark on the "big world". Accepting this makes swallowing the "pill of life" a little easier. I'm not suggesting we stop trying to do the right thing. I'm just saying we need to beat down our ego, and realize that we aren't all that important.

If things seem out of whack, don't worry, the world will still be spinning in the morning.