Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello. There were some young guys in the bar last night that helped make the hours go by and the tip jar more full. They were having a good time. Unlike some of their peers, they were respectful and courteous to everyone. They were pretty cool. I was surprised by some of the "old" tunes they chose on the jukebox...Tom Petty, the Beatles, even Frank Sinatra. Just young Midwestern guys hanging out, getting drunk. They also happened to be gay.

I have several friends who are gay. I was exposed to the lifestyle many years ago. I don't know if it was their age (the early twenties), or just where I'm at right now, but all kinds of thoughts filled my little brain. When did they realize they prefer men over women? Have they ever been with a woman? How difficult is their life? Are they happy? What do their parents think?

I think I know the answer to some of these questions because I know the attitudes of many people in America today. I only hope their parents love them unconditionally. They seem like good kids. Maybe a little rebellious. One of them started to bash his mother, but stopped short, out of respect for us. I caught a glimpse of pain in his face. But a sip of vodka and a long drag off his cigarette conjured up a bright smile again. We enjoyed talking and drinking with these kids into the early morning hours. I hope they enjoyed our company as well. I'd like the opportunity to ask them for answers to some of my questions. Maybe the right time will come.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello. I attended two funerals last week. The second of those was for a good buddy who I had known since grade school. As we drove to the church, I wondered what Rod was thinking. Is he thinking, crap, I wish I could party with all of my old buddies that showed up? Is he pleased that cars are parked for blocks away from the church? Is he thinking, "What's that guy doing here, he must be up to something?" I'm sure Rod was sitting back with "that grin" on his face.

I realized that this could have just as easily been my funeral. It could have been anyone of the classmates that filled the small church. As time goes by, one by one it will be another one of us. I've never experienced these feelings at a funeral before. Maybe it's the 40-plus years that I've known this guy. Or, maybe it was the fact that he and I had lived somewhat parallel lives. Whatever the reason, it really made me think.

Life is short. I don't know if it's "too short", but it's short. I think we all need to spend our time on positive things. Wasting time with negative thoughts and actions is foolish. I've been guilty of this myself, but I'm changing my ways. We should brush away the negative people and things in our lives. We don't need it.

"Don't go bringing me down man, I'm trying to enjoy life."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello. I am saddened by the comments aimed at Obama by ignorant rednecks. All politicians get their share of abuse, but not because of the color of their skin. Is our country still so backwoods that we can't accept the election of a black man? I was at the bar the other night and overheard a couple of guys disguised as intelligent human beings, spewing sophomoric racial remarks. I couldn't sit by quietly. I reminded them that lack of respect is a large part of the reason the country is in the shape it's in. They responded with, "Hyuk, hyuk" and went on slurping their drinks. I could almost smell the "stupid" on them.

I just visited a blog that I recently found. The author is a musician in Arizona. He has a post with a video from a Ted Nugent concert. The "madman from Detroit" is toting two machine guns and screaming..."hey, Obama, suck on one of these you punk." He then proceeds to call Obama a "piece of shit." Why is he not in jail? I am a supporter of freedom of speech, but this strikes me as a death threat. At one time, I liked Ted because of his support for the right to bear arms. After seeing this video, I have no respect for this Neanderthal. He should not be allowed to make a public appearance again. Please spread the word.

Let's not prove the rest of the world right. It's our chance to show the world that Americans aren't a bunch of uneducated hillbillies. Think.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello Death. You're back again. The older I get, the more you seem to hang around. Maybe I just give you a little more attention than I used to. You took a daughter and grand-daughter from some friends of mine. You make everyone sad. Your random choices are hard to understand.

I don't want to bury our kids or grand kids. These people have buried two of their children and a grandchild. Why? I wish there was an answer. I imagine it would be like someone ripping your heart from you, leaving you forever darker. Children give you pride, meaning, a reason to love and hope. In the stillness of the night, Death snuck into her bedroom and these people lost that forever.

As I sat in my office this morning thinking about the funeral today, my cell phone rattled my pocket. It was an old friend with bad news. A grade school buddy died in a car accident last night. Death was the only one there when he was thrown from his car. I'm really glad we had a few drinks together in August. He was a cool friend. sure are busy.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hello. The political barrage is over. The country elected the most polarizing President since Kennedy. I was slinging booze at the party for the local Dems, and it was something to witness. The crowd cheered wildly when the talking heads proclaimed Obama the clear winner. People hugged, jumped from their chairs, high-fived each other and some cried. It was cool. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should feel good about the excitement. For the first time in many years, the country might get behind our leader.

Do you think Obama gave it a fist-pump and then thought, "Oh shit, I won?!?" Every President who has been elected is under a great deal of pressure. However, I don't know that there has been a President elected in recent years with the expectations that are placed on this guy. If you've listened to any of the media over the last 2 years, you know BO can speak. Can he take this country down the right path? Time will tell.

This election brought out zillions of un-educated voters that generally sit on their couch watching re-runs instead of making the trek to the local voting hall. Unfortunately, many of the 2008 voters scribbled in the little bubble, punched the chad or pulled the lever for the wrong reason...the color of a candidates skin. If you watched the election day interviews with Joe America, most of them commented on electing a "man of color". That's sad. It should have nothing to do with your decision. We Americans can be pigs.

A good friend and spiritual voice of mine said, "For the first time in my life, I have true hope for the country I love." Peace

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hello. Fog has settled in. There's too much...or not enough...dancing through the brain. Nothing seems to fit. The fingers won't listen. Sleep won't let go, but the brain won't sleep. The day of the week slips from memory. Some things feel like a worn out pair of shoes, comfortable, yet they make you ache. You have to look for the freshness in the sameness.