Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello. Is there anybody out there? I have been so busy lately that I've deprived myself the joy of blogging. Over the last few weeks many great blogs have entered my head, rolled around a while, and slipped away, leaving very little behind. It seems like one thought enters my head and kicks another one out. I need to record my thoughts instead of relying on my fuzzy mind.

As we sat in the courtyard of some friends of ours the other evening, their old screen porch brought back a dusty memory. When I was a young boy, I slept in the old screen porch on the side of our house on hot summer nights. The vision took me back over 4 decades, and I could "feel" the warm night air and "hear" the cricket lullaby. Life was so innocent back then. I consider myself lucky to have spent my childhood in a small Midwest town in the early 60's. At the young age of 5 years old, my buddies and I would walk to the local movie house on a Saturday afternoon, and enjoy "The Shadow", a weekly serial, and a classic western or Elvis movie. Today, parents can barely let their children out of their sight. In fact, in some larger cities, I've seen children "leashed" to their parent. It's sad what has become of our society.

When we fall and "skin" our soul, the wound can be very painful. They say, "time heals all wounds". As time passes, the pain fades into a tiny speck in the back of our mind, but the wound is still there. Can we ever totally heal the wound? A wound can be nearly "healed", only to have an event, a song or even a smell tear the wound open again. The scars on our hearts and souls are reminders that we are human.