Monday, April 17, 2006

I saw a sign by the street yesterday that read "Those who dream the most do the most". Cool. I read alot into these types of things, like they are a sign from some supreme being or something. We are always told that the message will come to us in strange forms. This one really struck home with me, since I've been thinking about my "dreams" lately. Thinking about how long I've been chasing my dreams. Should I keep chasing? 23 years is a long time to chase something without catching it. I think part of the problem is that my "dream" has changed several times over the years. Maybe if I would have stayed true to my original "dream" I would have reached it by now. I guess I get bored with the same thing. Someone told me once that people should change careers every 10 years or so. There might be some logic to that. Now I'm split between 2 of my "dreams". At this point, I really dream about promoting live music and managing a bar, but I've put so much of my life into graphics and art that I struggle with dumping it. I also make my living from the graphics. I still haven't been able to make that happen with the live music thing. I'm starting to take a serious look down the road for the first time, and the end of the road looks closer than ever before. I'd like to realize one of these dreams, or both! I think it's too late to start chasing another dream. Although, I've been dreaming about a way to combine my love for live music and art into a way of life. There must be a way, they seem to be on the same plane at least. I wonder what the author meant. "Those who dream the most, do the most". Do the most what? The most laughing, crying, screaming or just the most dreaming? I'm sure that one day, I'll know the answer to that question. I hope that I can let my children and grand-children know the answer. I hope they keep chasing dreams.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm taking a whole new look at life. I once read a bit by Norman Vincent Peale that suggested a person try to think positively about everything and everyone. I have done this at times in my life and it does make life better. I don't know what causes me to stray from this mentality. It is quite easy to do. It's surprising that you can find something good in most if not all. I feel so much better when I do this. I am also trying to make better use of my time. My focus is on the music promotion scene, however, I need to focus more on the graphics thing.

I spoke with a bar mate last night who has been at the same job for 30 years. He is completely burned out. Yet he has golden handcuffs on. He wants out, but can't make a change work financially. What a sad postion to be in. I feel like I'm in a similiar situation. My heart just isn't in the graphics sales thing. I'd love to be doing more graphics and art, but not sales. I heard something the other day, "If you want to spend your life on a beach, become a marine biologist." There is something to that philosophy, make a career out of something you love. For over 20 years I did. Now things have changed, and I need to change too. I am working on a way to get back to the art and more into the music promotion, and make a living doing it. I need to spend some solitude thinking this through, I'm sure there is a way to make it happen. I just have to open up and find the "positives" in life!